Make Your Home 10 Times More Attractive to Buyers: 8 Smart Tricks

Make Your Home 10 Times More Attractive to Buyers: 8 Smart Tricks

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So, you’re selling your home. This can be a scary and daunting time for many people as they worry their house will be left on the market for a long time. However, you shouldn’t worry…this post is about to share some amazing secrets with you; secrets that will make your home 10 times more attractive to any buyer! Simply use these 8 smart tricks:

1. Paint the Front Door

Simply giving the front door a fresh lick of paint can make it look much more welcoming to a viewer. This improves something people in the industry call ‘curb appeal’. You can also tidy up your gardens, bins, and anything else you have outside.

2. Bake Some Cookies

No, you’re not going to bribe the viewer with a fresh tray full of warm cookies (although you can leave them out for extra brownie points if you like). The smell of the cookies wafting through the house makes the house so much more buyable, even if you ignore everything else on this list. Wouldn’t you love to buy a house that smells like cookies?

3. Add Life

Every house needs a little life to perk it up. Add some beautiful flowers and plants, along with bowls of fresh fruit.

4. Install a New Kitchen

This is probably going to be the most costly option on the list, but it will definitely add value on to your home and get it off the market much faster. Even if you just do what you can afford, it’ll be so worth it. You could simply replace your countertops, floor, or repaint the walls. Why not re-tile your backsplash too?

5. De-Clutter

Nobody likes mess – even messy people will not buy a house that’s covered in clutter. Get rid of any rubbish that shouldn’t be there. You must be vigilant here, and try to look at your home from an outsider’s perspective. Think, ‘fresh’.

6. Empty Storage Space

But why would you empty your storage space? What good will that do? I’ll tell you! Emptying your storage space actually allows buyers to see the space they could have, rather than mounds and mounds of your junk and rubbish.

7. Set the Table

Set the table, even if you never sit down to it as a family anyway. Even if the viewer never sits around the table, they’ll subconsciously find everything much more inviting.

8. Neutralise the Rooms

Although you might consider your child’s room clean and tidy, making it look more neutral when you’re serious about selling will appeal to buyers. They’ll be able to picture the multiple things they could do with the room, and will be much more likely to put in an offer with the estate agent. A professional, like this estate agents in Maldon, could give you even more information.

There you have them; 8 smart tricks that will make your home 10 times more attractive to buyers. I guarantee you’ll sell your house in record time if you follow the tips above…just try not to eat all of the cookies at once!