You CAN Clean the House in Just a Few Hours: Here’s How

You CAN Clean the House in Just a Few Hours: Here’s How

Many people put off cleaning their house, as the thought of spending hours cleaning doesn’t appeal to everybody. However, by taking a few tips from this guide, you can make sure your house is clean in just a few hours. Let’s get started:

Keep All of Your Equipment With You

The first step is to make sure you can keep all of your equipment with you. You don’t want to have to run backwards and forwards for your supplies. Invest in a cleaning apron with pockets where you can store rags and bottles of cleaning solution. You may even want to invest in a trolley if you use a lot of products. A light, small vacuum cleaner is always easier to carry with you than a large corded vacuum cleaner. Look for the best handheld vacuum cleaner to find one that you can take with you without breaking your back.

Start at The Top and Work Your Way Down

Start at the top of your house and then work your way down. Again, this is better than going backwards and forwards. I pick a room to start in, and then don’t leave that room until it’s finished. It helps if you carry a couple of bags with your equipment too, so you can throw in dirty washing and any rubbish that needs to go in the bin.

Polish First, Vacuum Last

Always polish first then vacuum last to avoid making more dust than necessary. Polish all surfaces including mirrors and then vacuum up the dust with your handheld vacuum. You may need to use a heavier vacuum if you have heavy carpets, but it’s your call.

Assign Chores to the Family

Assuming you don’t live alone, assign certain chores to members of the family. Your son could do the washing up one day, while your daughter does the laundry for example. Make sure you rotate the chores so it’s fair.

Keep on Top of It

If you keep on top of the cleaning rather than it being one huge job, you’ll find it quicker and easier to do each time you do it. I like to do a little bit each day, so it feels like I’m not really doing anything at all. If you keep on top of it, you can totally change the look of your home. Trust me!

Play Motivational Music

Motivational music is always best for a big clean. Put on your favourite playlist and get going! Make sure you don’t get distracted by your favourite songs though. You can sing in the mirror with your hairbrush when you’re finished.

Time Yourself

Why not time yourself? This will make the chores almost like a game, and you can try to beat your score each time. Try to reach personal bests each time and it’ll be fun rather than a chore!

Hygiene is very important, so you can’t avoid cleaning your home. Keeping your family happy and healthy should be a big priority for you. Use these tips to make it as painless and bearable as possible!


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